Fresh Business Thinking

Business knowledge publishing portal and email marketing platform


To provide a full spectrum of digital services, in order to meet the current demands and future growth potential of a rapidly expanding publishing organisation.

This included a flexible and scalable content management system, online video publishing, a large-scale email marketing platform and a proficient enterprise-wide ad delivery and management platform capable of generating significant revenue.


Monetisation was a core aim for the client. Multiple digital media channels each offering quality business advice supported by a number of ad publishing systems. Large scale email delivery and a simple to use ad management system would drive the revenue model and we tailored our systems to deliver exactly what the client needed. We listened to their requirements and in partnership with them rolled out a package of solutions designed to pull all the diverse requirements together into a coherent whole.


The initial stages involved providing a new Content Management System, which would serve as the core foundation of the new publishing strategy. As this CMS was rolled out our team worked on implementing a number of other systems which would all integrate with the CMS and provide their own publishing tools - our fully featured Email Marketing platform (over 200 million emails sent with it to date!!), a video publishing platform and the Ad system. We designed these systems to cross publish and deliver content.


We have been working together for nearly five years now so delivery is on-going, in many respects it continues to evolve as the client's business evolves. It's the nature of online business in the 21st Century. Clients are constantly adapting and changing to new market requirements, listening to ever more immediate channels of customer feedback and metrics, and here at Mizu we understand that principle. It is built into our working practices. It is engineered into our development strategies. It is part of the philosophy of our business team.

We continue to work closely with the client's team every day. We are friendly and approachable and this matters a great deal to a client who relies on you to support and strengthen their organisation, day in, day out.

They keep coming back to us for more projects, to adapt and tailor our existing systems to new business requirements, to ask our advice and seek our guidance. It is a relationship we value and one which demonstrates our experience and our commitment to quality work.

This trusted and close working relationship has also developed into a number of other projects in which we are successfully building strategic partnerships with the client’s internal teams.