Kent County Council

A collection of digital solutions including an internet TV portal.


Provide an online video portal for Kent County Council

Provide a "What’s on" portal covering all activities within the county of Kent

Provide third party extranet access for venue owners to be able to manage their own events listings

Deliver an automated online media encoding service to integrate with the video portal

Create a number of user generated content campaigns to encourage cultural activity and social engagement of young people.

Create a number of media rich debate applications to encourage democratic involvement.


Working alongside public sector teams is one of our core skills. We have worked on a vast number of public sector projects over the years and our experience is a valuable contributor to the fact that we deliver on time and on budget. A smooth running project is a priority for all clients but with the public sector being so open and accountable you need a team who can support those values and upon who you can really. We have worked closely with Kent County Council for over four years now and they have come back to us with new projects many times. Our friendly and welcoming approach has served us well, it allows us to build good relationships and take projects smoothly through to a successful conclusion.

Digital communications is such an important part of the twenty first century public sector. Delivering richer, high quality information to your audience and providing ever more immediate forms of feedback and opportunities for social engagement are essential relationship building tools.

Considerable planning and streamlining went in to the early stages of the project. All requirements were analysed and a comprehensive development plan was delivered with key milestones throughout. Representatives from disability groups were invited to join the team to ensure accessibility compliance formed a core part of the development process.


The design and template build stage was implemented in parallel with the development of the content management system in order to fast track the build and meet very tight deadlines. Third party venue access via a dedicated interface was also provided early on in order to test and refine the information submitting processes. This ensured the site launched with a full body of content and information in place, which had been tested extensively in advance.


We delivered on time and to budget. We continue to work closely with the client on these and other projects.