Zephyr Water Website

A new website, fully mobile friendly and responsive design.


Take the existing website and update it to modern standards.

Make it mobile friendly.

Provide a new look and feel and content management system.


With a limited timescale and a cost conscious project, the best solution for this job was to deliver a WordPress based website. It's flexibility, expandability and massive user base ensure that the delivered solution has the necessary capabilities and also provides the client with the knowledge that they have a system with a large knowledge base and the confidence that they can take the site to many other providers if the should need to in the future, rather than worry about a bespoke system which may incur costs due to its proprietary nature.


Using WordPress as the foundation of the new site allowed us to hit the ground running. A theme was chosen upon which to build the look and feel and these choices meant a significant amount of the preparatory work such as ensuring responsive layouts functioned, SEO structuring and cross browser compatibility were already taken care of. The theme was extended to further progress the styling of the site to fit with the brand identity and new images were added to enhance the visual appeal. A number of WordPress plug ins were installed to enhance functionality, security and performance.


The site was content and structure was transitioned in a few days alongside helping the client to move to a new hosting service and regain control of their domain name. The quick turnaround helped to ensure this project remained cost effective.